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Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Special: The Old School

It was even before my time.  My only memory of the old High School was when they were leveling the hill upon which it formerly resided to make a space to build what would become the "new" first and second grade building (now the Waldron branch of Rich Mountain Community College). 

But I've heard stories about the fire.  Daddy was Fire Chief that cold winter night when the old school building burned down.  When he came home after fighting the fire, he had icicles hanging from his clothing.

I guess maybe it served as the Junior High after the new High School was built; not sure about that.  But I think my brothers were in Jr. High when they spent a year or two riding the school bus to Boles, going to school there until the new Jr. High was added on to the High School.

Do you have a memory of the old school?