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Monday, March 28, 2011

Places of Business In Waldron 1951

Ok, 1951 was admittedly 5 years before my time, but this is a rather interesting look at Waldron commerce circa 1951, courtesy of the advertisers in the 1951 WHS yearbook:

Plummer's Grocery
H.E. Rice Hardware
Adam's Mercantile
Bank of Waldron
Dozier and Son (Groceries, Fresh Meats, Feed) Telephone 152
Waldron Cleaners (Phone 40)
Parsley's 5c to $1.00 (Phone 136)
Elliott Hardware (Phone 248)
Waldron Tractor Company (Phone 319)
Blasingame's (Drygoods, Groceries, and Furniture)
R.G. Oliver Fine Jewelry (Elgin, Hamilton, and Bulova Watches, Parker Pens) Phone 297
Cox Dry Good Company (Latest Fashions)
Plemmons Bros. (Firestone Tires, Appliances) Phone 285
Dierk's Lumber & Coal Company (We carry a wide variety of general merchandise) Forester, Arkansas
Harris Motor Company (Ford Sales and Service) Phone 155
Jones Grocery (Freezer Lockers, Fresh Vegetables) Phone 267
Hughes Insurance Agency (M.C. Bird, Manager) Phone 333
O.B. Coley (Ready-to-wear, Dry Goods) Phone 140
J.C. Rawlings General Merchandise (Ladies Wear)  Phone 253
Rice Funeral Home and Burial Society (Ambulance) Day Phone 95, Night Phone 171
Dr. R.R. Wilson, Dentist
Waldron Flower and Gift Shop (Phone 400, South Courthouse Square)
Duncan Motor Company (Studebaker Dealer) Phone 345
The Bulldog Staff

The following individuals were listed on a page called "Bulldog Boosters":
Irene Cherry
Hubert Cherry
Dale Millard
Fish McGaugh
Joe Dean Tinder
Lester L. Denton
Bob Bottoms
Knox Dozier
Windell Henderson
Ernest Terry
Si Rice
Lenard Rodgers
Etta V. Condry
Howard H. Brown
H.S. Gentz
Isom Crutchfield
Cecil Newman
Luella Rawlings
Spot Harberson
Mary Ruth Taylor
W.J. Rimmer
Norman Goodner
Gene Davidson
John Black
Lex Sanders

A time when phone numbers consisted of three digits, when you had more clothing and dry good stores than grocery stores, when you called the funeral home if you needed an ambulance, and when you could go downtown and check out all the new Studebakers.  What a time it must have been!

By the way, here's the results of the 1950 Waldron High School Bulldog Football Team, coached by L.R. Sawyer and Wilson Kell:

Waldron 25, Alma 0
Waldron 77, Ozark 0
Waldron 40, Fort Smith "B" 7
Waldron 26, Booneville 0
Waldron 25, Ark. Deaf School 12
Waldron 45, Paris 0
Waldron 7, Greenwood 7
Waldron 34, Mansfield 7
Waldron 19, Mena 0
Waldron 13, Hartford 6 (Homecoming)

Team Roster:

Bill Davis
"Bush" McGaugh
Bobby Oliver
Pat McQuery
Don Sevier
John Evans
Billy Bobbitt
Sam Allen
Gene Harberson
Don Webb
Charles Kitchens
Leon Bobbitt
Dale Huddleston
Junior Hall
Kenneth Vanderpool
Paul Cash
Paul Beverly
William Stout
Jeired Hill
Junior Speaks
Gene Stewart
Bobby Evatt
Billy Sanders
Clyde Weir
Harold Oliver
John Evatt - Manager
Joe Edd Hawkins - Manager


  1. Wow! Quite a fine football team that must have been. I notice the deaf school was able to score more than once. They must have been able to use sign language for signals, conferring a slight advantage - seriously.

    I notice a "Don Webb" on the team. There was a fellow named Don Webb who played for the Boston (later, New England) Patriots in the old American Football League when I was growing up, and his first year was 1961, I believe. Could it be the same guy?

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