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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Post About Coca-Cola

Far and away, the most frequently viewed posting on this little blog is The Proper Way To Drink Coca-Cola, a little piece that I tossed off one day when I couldn't think of anything else to write about.  As of today, it has had 8,559 page views, which is about six times more than my second-most popular post.  People from all over the world have viewed that post; I have been constantly amazed at the amount of searching for coke-related terms that has led people to my blog. 

So, I must admit, it would be very tempting for me to write another post about Coca-Cola, which sometimes comes packaged in a coke bottle, since I can see on my Feedjit gadget (recommended for any blogger) specifically which search words have led people to Growing Up In Waldron.  Now certainly, I enjoy a glass of coke as much as the next person, but to write a post specifically to attract large numbers of people to this blog would be wrong.

Of course people all over the world are drinking coke.  Our friends in China often enjoy a refreshing can of 可口可樂 .  In Russia, it's fun to head down to the corner drug store for an ice cold Кока-Кола.  In Japan, many shoppers take a break to enjoy their コカ・コーラ.  If you hop on over to Korea, you'll be asking for 코카콜라 .  In Arab regions, whenever you come in off the desert, you'll want to sit down with a nice glass of كوكاكول.  And, should you ever find yourself in a place where Marathi is spoken, you, like me, might have no idea where you are, but you'll feel better if you can get someone to bring you a bottle of कोका-कोला.

I'm not real sure how they serve Coca-Cola in all those places, maybe they just serve a can of coke, but if anyone over there needs suggestions, I'll refer you to my previous post.  I hope it will make sense to you and not be Κόκα κόλα, which is Greek to me.

No, the purpose of this post about Coca-Cola (It's the Real Thing)  is not to blatantly increase my number of page views.  No, not at all.  I just want to share with you the tremendous interest that Coca-Cola holds with people all across the world. 

I just read recently that, in honor of the Summer Olympics of 2012, Coke is going to distribute cans with the Coca-Cola logo written in other languages from around the globe.  That's what is pictured above.  And that's great!  If there's anything that might interest people more than Coca-Cola, its the 2012 Summer Olympics.