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Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Blogger

Well, someone has finally taken up my suggestion and emailed in a Growing Up In Waldron memory.  Unfortunately, they have requested to remain anonymous, but nevertheless, it's a good memory.  Here is our first ever non-family guest blogger for GUIW:

                  It was a wonderful time growing up in the country, going to town on Saturday night to drive up and down main street with all your friends.  We all had to see who had a new car or a new girl friend.  It was a time of freedom; we all knew the police and the highway patrol (Hoot Gibson) and we all had a great time. On Halloween we would fill water balloons and throw them at passing cars, and the fire dept. would come down the street and shoot us with their hose.   It was a time of freedom.  We had a great theater and all used it for that’s all we had at that time. We called Saturday bacon and egg day,  for people from all around would come to town on that day to wash clothes and buy feed and go to the movies and buy groceries. It was a time of freedom for we could do what we wanted and have fun doing it. And don’t forget the sale barn was owned by a man that was like my dad, he gave me a chance to work and I took it when I was only 12 years old.  It was a time of freedom. We could make money hauling hay or cutting wood. When I was 16 I bought the pool hall from Pop Otis and ran it for about 2 years (sold it to Tommy Williams for 3 times what I give for it.)  But now those times are gone; it’s a lot different.   Kids can't do what we did or will be arrested.  It was a time of freedom.  I think it has taken away a lot of the things that made it a great town and all of you my age know what I mean. Yes, we made mistakes and did some things wrong but we knew not to do that again.  But now it is so strict that it's not as much fun.  I still love that town and it will always be in my memories for a great place to grow up.  
 No name but a lot of you know who I am.

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