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Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Special: The Red Brick Building

What I remember most about the red brick building was the way it smelled; that unique mixture of crayons, paste, mimeograph fluid, and 50 years worth of floor wax, all blended together into a sweet aroma which made you know immediately that you were in a school.  It housed third and fourth grade students, three classroom of each.  When you walked in the building from the front (east) entrance, immediately to your left was the office of the elementary principal, Mr. Archie Hill, and his secretary Francis Hunt, who was still Francis Merriman in those days.  I don't remember the third grade teacher who's classroom was next (maybe someone can enlighten me), but the middle classroom was Mrs. Baugh, and the last one was Mrs. Elrod.  Directly across from her, on the north side of the building, was Mrs. Nelson's classroom, followed by Bonnie Hill's classroom and then Mrs. Ammons (I'm a little fuzzy on the order, but I think that's right). 

If we sat on the big steps on the west end of the building, we could get an occasional glimpse of the goings-on at that exotic, far-away place know as Waldron High School.

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  1. What a flashback for me to the smells of memeograph ink and waxed floors. I too went to a red brick school and I cherish the memories and long ago friendships made in that school house, mine in North Carolina. Thanks for the flashback.