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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Brief Observation That Makes Me Feel Old

When I was little, around 8 or 9 years old, my family had an old Model T, just like the one above, only ours was a bit rougher.  My only memory of riding in it was the indelible image of the road zipping by beneath my feet as seen through the rusted out floorboard.

My brothers, who were older, had many more adventures with the old Model T.  It was primarily driven by our cousin Jerry, who was a bit older than my brothers and thus more qualified to drive.  I think we ended up selling it to someone for $25.

Even at my tender age, I recognized the old Model T as an OLD, OLD car.

When my twin sister and I left for college in 1974, we bought a used Buick Century almost identical to this one for the sum of $3,000, which comprised the life savings of both of us.  It was far and away a much nicer car than we ever thought we could afford.  

That wonderful car, that Buick Century, would be 40 years old now.  That's about how old the Model T was when we cruised around Waldron in it back in 1965.  

Oh, my.

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